Minnesota Adventurous Photographer specializing in romantic, spirited weddings in Minnesota and Lake Superior. Travels Worldwide.

About Clare


a lass with a loud laugh & a love for the stormy sea

often found star gazing and/or eating french fries and/or watching New Girl for the 400th time
(check out that sunburn!!!!)

Hey, I'm Clare. I've been a photographer for about 6 years and a human for 25. 

I'm based in the Twin Cities, but I’ve traveled for weddings all over the states including: Maine,  Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Virginia, & Oregon. I grew up in Wisconsin on an 80-acre apple orchard with a wide open sky filled with sparkling stars. I spent my childhood running around barefoot in the mud with my siblings, trying to get them to eat worms and screaming when I had to take any kind of medicine.

I have a vivid imagination that often gets me deep into the creative rabbit hole and bans me from watching any kind of horror movie. I have bookcases of books that I've read many times and more Pinterest boards than anyone else I know (most of which are secret. sorry 'bout it). I've always wanted to learn how to sail, and if I could wish for a superpower it would be breathing underwater.

I love photography, I'm spontaneous, I talk really fast when I get riled up, I have a loud laugh, and I love making fun of myself. All of these you'll experience if we work together. I'm a short lil Irish gal with big hair, I identify with both Schmidt and Nick (yes, both of them) from New Girl, and family is one of the most important things to me in the whole world. That's why I'm here, in this business, and it would be a pleasure to work with you. 



Behind the name

born out of a love for the sea, Minnesota, adventure & mystery.

The name "Madeira Creative" was inspired by a schooner barge that sunk on Lake Superior in 1905, during one of the biggest storms in Lake Superior history. It struck Gold Rock where crew members leapt to safety, and to this day, you can see the outline of the ship. It's become a popular diving location which is just awesome and a goal of mine to explore. 

The logo is a woman because of my inspiration to do The Shipwreck Series (see Part I : Madeira). There have been 6,000 shipwrecks on Lake Superior, a great number of them due to the weather. It might seem so weird that I would draw inspiration from this, but so many are wrapped in mystery and adventure that I want to tell their stories through artistic photography. The woman in the logo, Madeira, is a symbol for me to work through the lens of exploration and discovery. 

My family has been taking trips up to Lake Superior & the North Shore since my dad was a kid. I've grown up hearing stories about shipwrecks, crazy storms, sea glass, and glaciers. We would spend the weekend following Christmas cozied up in a sea villa on the shores of the lake, reading books by the fire, taking breaks to snowshoe, ski, or hike. 

The North Shore has become one of my favorite places in the world with it's mystery and richness in beauty, a sentiment that has followed me as I slowly travel the world. I've thought long and hard for 5 years what I would want to call my creative business. I want it to grow, expand, and inspire people to live their lives exploring and driven by curiosity. A name with a tribute to Lake Superior only made sense.  

I show up to a photoshoot in a solid pair of shoes, a playlist for any mood, & a heart that's ready to listen to your story. If you're looking for the cheapest deal or checking a vendor off your list, we might not be the best fit. If you're looking for someone to capture how fiercely your heart beats when he kisses you, how your soul sings when your baby grabs your hand, or how hard your Grandpa cried at your wedding.... Hello. It's me.