Tyler + Shie - Taylors Falls Minnesota Wedding

Tyler & Shie eloped 3 years ago in a courthouse when they were 17. When Jaimie contacted them to see if they would be interested in helping us in a last minute crunch for our wedding workshop, they were excited at the idea of finally getting some fancy wedding portraits.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Tyler and Shie for being the big champs they were while 5 photographers/videographers were dashing around shoving cameras in their faces. But I feel the images speak for themselves - of their growing love for each other, their giddiness, their strength and reliance on each other. Although this was a styled shoot, there was nothing styled about the way they look at each other. 

A huge thank you also to Jaimie, who organized the shoot and coordinated with our amazing group of vendors listed below.


Bridal Gown: Annika Bridal

Florals: Artemisia Studios

Makeup: Jaimie Place, Resoulute Makeup Artistry

Hair: Bryan McKay, Taj Salon & Spa

Host: John, Coffee Talk Coffee Shop

Talented Creatives: Shelby SCPhoto, Savannah Flagstad, Laurel Wedding Films, Gold Dust & Wanderlust, Jaimie Lauren Photo (who was also the amazing coordinator! <3)

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