Tips For Ordering Your Wedding Album That Won't Hurt Your Wallet

I’ve been married for almost 10 months now and I still haven’t ordered my wedding album.

I always wondered why some couples took so long to print off their photographs, and now I get it. It’s so overwhelming! We received almost 800 photos from our wedding day, and trying to whittle those down to a few dozen of our favorites for a wedding album seems nearly impossible.

So, I sat down one morning and really thought about what I wanted to do. We could easily put in a few hundred images into a wedding album, but albums are expensive and we can’t really afford to shell out a few hundred bucks. But yet, I knew that I wanted to have that album because it keeps the photos together and create such a beautiful experience - I imagined having friends and family over years from now and having our album out on the coffee table, and flipping through the photos together and reminiscing on the wildness and beauty of our wedding day.

So, here’s what I decided.

1. It doesn’t have to tell your entire wedding day story.

I was so caught up in the mindset of, “Our wedding album has to tell our whole story from beginning to end” meaning, I was trying to pick photos from getting ready, all the way to our grand exit. That is SO many photos & moments! This isn’t a bad thing by any means, but when you are on a budget and designing an album, you usually only get about 20-25 spreads (between 30-40 images). No way was I going to be able to tell our whole story - and that’s when I got super overwhelmed and gave up. ha.

2. Marie Kondo it

Yea.. you heard me. Go through all your images that you absolutely love, and then select the ones that give you that jolt of joy. These could range anywhere from getting ready photos, party bus, bridal party, mingling at the dessert table… they don’t need to show the timeline of the day. These photos should be ones that will still give you that jolt of joy 10, 15 years from now when you’re going through the album again.

They can also be photos that remind you of all the other hundreds that you’ll have stored away either in cheaper prints in a bigger wedding album (ones like these are awesome) or on your computer. This wedding album is just the starting point - they’re meant to show off the best highlights from your day.

3. You can order more than one album

I talk to brides all the time about how they’ll be flipping through their wedding photos over the years, and they’ll keep finding photos that speak to them in a new way - ones they probably didn’t notice before. Print those out!! Keep enjoying all the hard work and money that you put into your wedding day.

And you know what, the reality is that you’ll start to have kids, go on trips, and find other ways to fill up a photo album. That’s amazing. I think these tips can apply to any event in your life that you took pictures of - the honeymoon is a perfect example. I have hundreds of photos from our honeymoon that I haven’t even thought about printing yet… it’s all about those sparks of joy, those highlights, and remembering that printing something off is better than nothing.

4. Your photographer will help you out.

Whether it’s me or another talented photographer, we’re kind of the experts in all things photos. If you have absolutely no desire in designing your own album or simply do not have the time, but still want one made, let me know.

However, when you receive your wedding gallery from me, a little print store comes along with it, making it even easier to do it all yourself. No more uploading photos to a third party, making sure the resolution is good, or things are cropped properly - this will do it all for ya! Making it all even easier. If you have questions, shout em my way.

Alright folks, that’s it! Time for me to take my own advice and get my album designed and ordered.